Emma & Joey’s Maryland Engagement SessionMaryland Photographer-Love Charm Photo

We are in love with these images from Emma & Joey’s Maryland Engagement Session!! This adorable couple loves to hike and explore. For their engagement session we went on a mini adventure through one of Maryland’s most diverse parks. This couple was up for anything for their photos, including a barefoot walk through a lush green clover patch. Their session was so much fun and they made our job as photographers a real pleasure. Congratulations to Emma and Joey!

Emma & Joey-2016-04-11-MD-RCD-4

E&J Pile 1Emma & Joey-2016-04-11-MD-RCD-66  Emma & Joey-2016-04-11-MD-RCD-73

Emma & Joey-2016-04-11-MD-RCD-142E&J Pile 3Emma & Joey-2016-04-11-MD-RCD-206

Emma & Joey-2016-04-11-MD-RCD-270Emma & Joey-2016-04-11-MD-RCD-423Emma & Joey-2016-04-11-MD-RCD-320Emma & Joey-2016-04-11-MD-RCD-335Emma & Joey-2016-04-11-MD-RCD-349Emma & Joey-2016-04-11-MD-RCD-286Emma & Joey-2016-04-11-MD-RCD-395 Emma & Joey-2016-04-11-MD-RCD-412Emma & Joey-2016-04-11-MD-RCD-435

E&J Pile 4Emma & Joey-2016-04-11-MD-RCD-449E&J Pile 5Emma & Joey-2016-04-11-MD-RCD-500 Emma & Joey-2016-04-11-MD-RCD-505 Emma & Joey-2016-04-11-MD-RCD-569E&J Pile 6Emma & Joey-2016-04-11-MD-RCD-605E&J Pile 7Emma & Joey-2016-04-11-MD-RCD-698Emma & Joey-2016-04-11-MD-RCD-766Emma & Joey-2016-04-11-MD-RCD-824

E&J Pile 8Emma & Joey-2016-04-11-MD-RCD-840 Emma & Joey-2016-04-11-MD-RCD-930 Emma & Joey-2016-04-11-MD-RCD-951 Emma & Joey-2016-04-11-MD-RCD-966

Emma & Joey’s Maryland Engagement Session- Love Charm Photo

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