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Emma & Joey’s New York Winter WeddingNew York Photographer - Love Charm Photo

Emma & Joey's New York Winter Wedding
Even the coldest Winter days can warm the heart! Emma & Joey's New York Winter Wedding holds the statement to be true, as the two were married in a lovely ceremony in at the Bellport Country Club on Long Island, New York. Their families came together on a snowy Saturday morning to see the two wed. The crisp beauty of winter was the perfect scene for elegance and r[...]

Sammie & Patrick’s Leonardtown, Maryland WeddingMaryland Photographer-Love Charm Photo

Sammie & Patrick's Leonardtown, Maryland Wedding
Sammie & Patrick's Leonardtown, Maryland Wedding was a perfect, intimate affair. Who says you can’t have a fairytale wedding with only 20 guests? When it came to getting married, Sammie and Patrick wanted to keep things as small and simple as possible. An wedding ceremony in their hometown fit the bill perfectly. The couple simply wanted to share their special [...]

Melissa & Caseys Solomon’s Island WeddingMaryland Photographer-Love Charm Photo

Melissa & Caseys Solomon's Island Wedding
Melissa & Casey's Solomons Island Wedding took place at the Calvert Marine Museum. This fun, loving, and super laid-back couple tided the knot in a serene nautical setting surrounded by close friends and family. We love the classic elements in Melissa's gown and in her hair-piece. Casey mixed the old and the new with his ship anchor pin and with his skull-and-cros[...]

Tierra & Bradley’s Magical Themed Maryland WeddingMaryland Wedding Photographer-Love Charm Photo

Tierra & Bradley's Magical Themed Maryland Wedding
Tierra & Bradley's Magical Themed Maryland Wedding was so unique that we are beyond thrilled to share it! The couple married at The Treehouse Camp at Maple Tree Campground in a unforgettable setting. I mean, the campground has a hobbit house! Following a mixed theme of "Lord of the Rings”, “Harry Potter”, “Pride and Prejudice”, and “Ireland” themed wedding the [...]

Leela’s Rice CeremonyDC Photographer- Love Charm Photo

Leela's Rice Ceremony
Leela's Rice Ceremony-DC Photographer- Love Charm Photo. This fall we had the pleasure to participate in our first Indian rice-eating ceremony. Annaprashan or in Bengal, Mukhe Bhaat, is a traditional ceremony that celebrate’s a child’s transition to solid food. It was inspirational to witness Leela's Rice Ceremony. Baby Leela and her family were dressed in colorful[...]