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Udim & Adam’s Great Falls Engagement SessionMaryland Photographer - Love Charm Photo

Udim & Adam's Great Falls Engagement Session
We are so excited to share Udim and Adam’s Great Falls Engagement Session. Great Falls Park is divided by what locals simply refer to as “the Virginia side” and “the Maryland Side”. For our session, we met in Northern Virginia.  For those who may have never been to the park itself, it is beautiful and a real treasure for Washingtonians. The perfect place for avid hike[...]

Leanne & John’s New York City Engagement

Leanne & John's New York City Engagement
We are so happy to share Leanne and John’s New York City Engagement Session that took place in Bryant Park. Leanne and John's love story is truly one-of-kind. The pair met on the dating website OKCupid and in a short three weeks the couple knew they found "the one”. According to Leanne, “it has been a crazy ride, filled with much laughter, excitement and love… John[...]

Ashley & Eddie’s Southern Maryland EngagementMaryland Wedding Photographer- Love Charm Photographer

Ashley & Eddie's Southern Maryland Engagement
We are really happy to present this Southern Maryland Engagement Session! Ashley and Eddie were the winners for our annual Valentine’s Day Couple Session Giveaway. For their session we met at a picturesque location in St. Mary’s county. Ashley and Eddie’s first met in high school but their love story started nearly 5 years ago. Eddie loves hunting and Ashley is passio[...]