Sara & Dustin’s Wedding

Congratulations to Sara and Dustin! This fun young couple was so carefree and full of life. It was such a great experience to share their special day with them and be there as they start their life together.

S&D Dress Grid 2S&D Dress Grid 1D&S Prep Bride Grid1S&D Dress Grid 3D&S Prep Grid 5Sara&Dustin-092714-RCD-Untitled 8Sara&Dustin-092714-RCD--830Sara&Dustin-092714-RCD--827Sara&Dustin-092714-RCD--820

D&S Ceremony Grid 1Sara&Dustin-092714-RCD-Untitled 1Sara&Dustin-092714-RCD--760Sara&Dustin-092714-RCD--792

Sara&Dustin-092714-RCD Untitled 2Sara&Dustin-092714-RCD-Untitled 4Sara&Dustin-092714-RCD--853Sara&Dustin-092714-RCD--856Sara&Dustin-092714-RCD-Untitled 2Sara&Dustin-092714-RCD-Untitled 11D&S Recep Grid 1S&D B&G Grid 2Sara&Dustin-092714-RCD--919


Photos By Love Charm Photography / RC Downs Photography

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