Samantha & Patrick’s Album : Maryland Wedding Photographer

It was such a pleasure to design this beautiful album and custom wood drive for Samantha and Patrick! This album measures 10 x 10 and has a classic cover design in midnight black leather. The album is 20 pages total with 10 page spreads. We selected gold color engraving to finish it. The drive itself styles a lovely photo and its carry box features their initials wood burned into the top panel.

Samantha & Patricks Album-2015-12-27-MD-RCD-68Samantha & Patricks Album-2015-12-27-MD-RCD-12 Samantha & Patricks Album-2015-12-27-MD-RCD-63 Samantha & Patricks Album-2015-12-27-MD-RCD-72 Samantha & Patricks Album-2015-12-27-MD-RCD-74 Samantha & Patricks Album-2015-12-27-MD-RCD-4Samantha & Patricks Album-2015-12-27-MD-RCD-1Samantha & Patricks Album-2015-12-27-MD-RCD-75 Samantha & Patricks Album-2015-12-27-MD-RCD-76 Samantha & Patricks Album-2015-12-27-MD-RCD-79 Samantha & Patricks Album-2015-12-27-MD-RCD-80 Samantha & Patricks Album-2015-12-27-MD-RCD-81 Samantha & Patricks Album-2015-12-27-MD-RCD-82 Samantha & Patricks Album-2015-12-27-MD-RCD-84Samantha & Patricks Album-2015-12-27-MD-RCD-44Samantha & Patricks Album-2015-12-27-MD-RCD-47Samantha & Patricks Album-2015-12-27-MD-RCD-49Samantha & Patricks Album-2015-12-27-MD-RCD-53Samantha & Patricks Album-2015-12-27-MD-RCD-58