Roya & Tony’s Maternity Session

Today’s post is filled with lots of joy! One month ago we met up with our good family friends, Roya and Tony, to take some maternity and family portraits in Alexandria, Virginia. We had a blast at their photography session and it was so great catching up. We even brought Elvi, Alie’s sister along to play with their daughter as we focused on the proud parents. Little Zarya loved being in the park, and she especially enjoyed running up and down hills. She gave Elvi a real workout with her endless energy! On November 10 this beautiful family welcomed their new baby girl! We couldn’t be happier for them and we wish the the very best! Congratulations!

Roya & Tony's Maternity Session-2015-10-10-VA-AMB-73
Roya & Tony's Maternity Session-2015-10-10-VA-AMB-122R&T Pile 1Roya & Tony's Maternity Session-2015-10-10-VA-AMB-54Roya & Tony's Maternity Session-2015-10-10-VA-AMB-35Roya & Tony's Maternity Session-2015-10-10-VA-AMB-46R&T Pile 4Roya & Tony's Maternity Session-2015-10-10-VA-AMB-29Roya & Tony's Maternity Session-2015-10-10-VA-AMB-47R&T Pile 2Roya & Tony's Maternity Session-2015-10-10-VA-AMB-71 Roya & Tony's Maternity Session-2015-10-10-VA-AMB-32Roya & Tony's Maternity Session-2015-10-10-VA-AMB-37Roya & Tony's Maternity Session-2015-10-10-VA-AMB-65R&T Pile 3Roya & Tony's Maternity Session-2015-10-10-VA-AMB-49Roya & Tony's Maternity Session-2015-10-10-VA-AMB-60 R&T Pile 5Roya & Tony's Maternity Session-2015-10-10-VA-AMB-62R&T Pile 8R&T Pile 6