NYC Wedding Inspiration

When Event Planner Ali from Life Style Maven Events reached out to me about photographing the decor at one of her client’s weddings, I jumped to the opportunity!

At Houston Hall, a super cool venue in Manhattan, Lifestyle Maven Events and florists, NYC Flower Project paired to transform an industrial beer hall into a chic wedding. The florals consisting of white and pink blossoms with a perfect touch of green, make the farm-style tables look elegant and stylish.

Plus, we are in Loooovve with the beautiful flower chandeliers! Just some fabulous wedding inspiration!
Houston Hall-2016-04-30-NYC-LC-212Houston Hall-2016-04-30-NYC-LC-239Houston Pile 2Houston Hall-2016-04-30-NYC-LC-200Houston Hall-2016-04-30-NYC-LC-183Houston Hall-2016-04-30-NYC-LC-223Houston Hall-2016-04-30-NYC-LC-227Houston Hall-2016-04-30-NYC-LC-251Houston Pile 1Houston Hall-2016-04-30-NYC-LC-170Houston Pile 3Houston Hall-2016-04-30-NYC-LC-159Houston Pile 5

Houston Hall-2016-04-30-NYC-LC-114Houston Hall-2016-04-30-NYC-LC-103Houston Hall-2016-04-30-NYC-LC-36Houston Hall-2016-04-30-NYC-LC-31Houston Pile 6Houston Hall-2016-04-30-NYC-LC-160Houston Hall-2016-04-30-NYC-LC-163Houston Pile 4Houston Hall-2016-04-30-NYC-LC-120Houston Hall-2016-04-30-NYC-LC-151Houston Hall-2016-04-30-NYC-LC-125
Houston Hall-2016-04-30-NYC-LC-234