New York City Photographer

Love Charm Photo is taking a big step in 2016. We will be focusing our camera lenses on a new scene, NYC! That is right, we are EXPANDING! Alie will be moving to New York when the new year comes, so we will start accepting clients in the New York City area! But don’t worry, we aren’t abandoning MD! Richie will continue to accept clients here while Alie will start picking up new clientele over in the Empire State. We will still be working as a creative duo at your wedding day! Ever since we started to photograph professionally, we have wanted to expand as much as possible. As photographers, our eyes are accustomed to looking for something new to inspire us. Accepting bookings for weddings and events in NYC allows us to capture a whole new world of moments and memories. We cannot wait for this new adventure to start!

And here are some photos of NYC taken with Alie’s iPhone in the summer of 2014.

IMG_6939NewYorkSkylineSouth NYC Pile 2