Marlena & Paul’s Wedding: Maryland Wedding Photographer

Marlena and Paul’s wedding is for our record books! Their Renaissance-inspired wedding was the ultimate regal affair and Martin’s Camelot in Upper Marlboro, Maryland was the perfect setting! From the high-vaulted ceilings to the incredible elegant bridal suite, this wedding had it all! Marlena thought about every small detail and selected her vendors based on a very special criteria: handmade, and custom. It was such a privilege to photograph their wedding and witness all their love for one another on this extra special day. Congratulation Marlena and Paul! We wish you many years of happiness!

Marlena & Paul's Wedding 2015-09-19-MD-RCD-1796M&P Details Pile 1Marlena & Paul's Wedding 2015-09-19-MD-RCD-1964Marlena & Paul's Wedding 2015-09-19-MD-RCD-8M&P BridePrep Pile 2Marlena & Paul's Wedding 2015-09-19-MD-RCD-100Marlena & Paul's Wedding 2015-09-19-MD-RCD-63M&P BridePrep Pile 4M&P BridePrep Pile 1Marlena & Paul's Wedding 2015-09-19-MD-RCD-213 Marlena & Paul's Wedding 2015-09-19-MD-RCD-226Marlena & Paul's Wedding 2015-09-19-MD-RCD-273M&P Groom Prep Pile 1M&P Groom Prep Pile 2Marlena & Paul's Rehearsal-2015-9-18-MD-RCD-22Marlena & Paul's Rehearsal-2015-9-18-MD-RCD-24M&P Ceremony Pile 1Marlena & Paul's Wedding 2015-09-19-MD-RCD-468Marlena & Paul's Wedding 2015-09-19-MD-RCD-475M&P Ceremony Pile 3M&P Ceremony Pile 4Marlena & Paul's Wedding 2015-09-19-MD-RCD-703M&P Ceremony Pile 5Marlena & Paul's Wedding 2015-09-19-MD-RCD-637Marlena & Paul's Wedding 2015-09-19-MD-RCD-751Marlena & Paul's Wedding 2015-09-19-MD-RCD-759M&P Ceremony Pile 6Marlena & Paul's Wedding 2015-09-19-MD-RCD-776Marlena & Paul's Wedding 2015-09-19-MD-RCD-1625M&P FF Pile 2M&P FF Pile 3M&P FF Pile 1M&P Reception Pile 4Marlena & Paul's Wedding 2015-09-19-MD-RCD-1058M&P Reception Pile 3M&P Reception Pile 1
M&P BG Pile 4M&P BG Pile 1 M&P BG Pile 2 M&P BG Pile 3Marlena & Paul's Wedding 2015-09-19-MD-RCD-1690 M&P BG Pile 5 M&P BG Pile 6Marlena & Paul's Wedding 2015-09-19-MD-RCD-1660Marlena & Paul's Rehearsal-2015-9-18-MD-RCD-30M&P BG Pile 9M&P BG Pile 7Marlena & Paul's Wedding 2015-09-19-MD-RCD-1798Marlena & Paul's Wedding 2015-09-19-MD-RCD-1837

PHOTOGRAPHY: Love Charm Photo
VENUE: Martin’s Caterers: Camelot
DRESS: Romantic Threads
FLORIST: John Sharper Inc. Florist
HAIR: Rapunzel’s Hairbraiding
MAKE-UP: Racheal Thiroiun
DJ: DJ Kavon
LIMO: Lasting Impressions