Kate & Olivia’s Snowy Central Park Couple Session

We’ve been extremely excited to enter the new year expanding into the New York City wedding photographers market. Kate and Olivia’s couples session in Central Park is exactly what we have dreamed of to broaden our reach and spread our documentation of true love. While most of the east coast has been buried in record snowfall, winter storm Jonas rewarded us with a beautiful backdrop for our very first New York City photography shoot: Kate and Olivia’s couple session! We especially love Kate’s stunning blue eyes and her contrasty red lips! The two ladies met in California while both working for Disney Land. Two years ago, they packed their bags and moved their lives to the Big Apple. I had the pleasure to meet Kate (fellow photographer of Kate Alison Photography) at meeting of The Rising Tide Society’s Brooklyn chapter. I so happy that we have become friends and I am looking forward to collaborating in future projects. – Alie

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2016-01-24 Kate_Olivia-NY-AMB-101-EditKate & Olivia Pile 5a