Emily & Christie’s Portrait Session

In preparation to celebrate her Quinceañera, Emily wanted a Portrait Session with her sister, Christie. Although a little shy a first, after a few minutes of shooting, we think these two really enjoyed modeling for the camera. The girls even braved laying in the grass with the bugs to get this image.

Christie & Emily Session-2015-06-12-MD-RCD-45 Christie & Emily Session-2015-06-12-MD-RCD-42Christie & Emily Session-2015-06-12-MD-RCD-64 Christie&Emily Pile 1Christie & Emily Session-2015-06-12-MD-RCD-131 Christie & Emily Session-2015-06-12-MD-RCD-145 Christie & Emily Session-2015-06-12-MD-RCD-168 Christie & Emily Pile 2Christie & Emily Session-2015-06-12-MD-RCD-214 Christie & Emily Session-2015-06-12-MD-RCD-279 Christie & Emily Session-2015-06-12-MD-RCD-289 Christie & Emily Session-2015-06-12-MD-RCD-297To book a photo session with Love Charm Photo, click here.