Dani & Terra’s Portrait Session

A couple weeks ago I spent the afternoon with the two most adorable little girls. Dani and Terra were super outgoing and despite meeting me for the first time they acted like I was a close relative. Dani, the older sis, is the cautious type and shes always acting like the momma. Terra is definitely the more adventurous one, but both girls love acting silly!

During our shoot they were really inviting and they showed me a lot of their toys and books. We took some photographs of them reading in their grandfathers chair  (I love antiques). They were also absolutely excited about showing off their jumping skills in the trampoline, which we had to hold off until the end of the session.

What I really enjoy about shooting children is that if you just let kids be kids they will share their pleasures and laughter. These little ladies radiated joy and it was one of the my most enjoyable shoots to date. Aren’t they total cuties?
Hugs,  Alie
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