Baby Daphne At Two Weeks

Baby Daphne is two weeks old and she couldn’t be more adorable. She is well loved and meticulously cared for by her wonderful parents Sara and Dustin who although new to this parenting thing, they seem to have it down to a science,  coddling her with the utmost care. Born with a full head of hair (as Sara predicted early on), long legs, and grayish blue eyes, Baby Daphne is healthy, happy and ready for the world. Daphne may also be the worlds youngest owner of a record player in history. Her room is equipped with stuffed animals, a beautiful changing table and a baby sized Jensen Vinyl Player.
Baby Daphne-2016-01-09-MD-RCD-181Baby Daphne-2016-01-09-MD-RCD-205Baby Daphne-2016-01-09-MD-RCD-218Baby Daphne-2016-01-09-MD-RCD-219Baby Daphne-2016-01-09-MD-RCD-224Baby Daphne-2016-01-09-MD-RCD-249Baby Daphne-2016-01-09-MD-RCD-251Baby Daphne-2016-01-09-MD-RCD-255Baby Daphne-2016-01-09-MD-RCD-229Baby Daphne-2016-01-09-MD-RCD-242Baby Daphne Pile 2Baby Daphne-2016-01-09-MD-RCD-270Baby Daphne Pile 1 Baby Daphne-2016-01-09-MD-RCD-15 Baby Daphne-2016-01-09-MD-RCD-36 Baby Daphne-2016-01-09-MD-RCD-76Baby Daphne Pile 4Baby Daphne-2016-01-09-MD-RCD-94 Baby Daphne-2016-01-09-MD-RCD-141 Baby Daphne-2016-01-09-MD-RCD-147Baby Daphne-2016-01-09-MD-RCD-328Baby Daphne-2016-01-09-MD-RCD-298