About Us


We are Richie and Alie, a creative duo specializing in weddings, portraits, and events serving Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia and the Greater New York City areas.

Alie discovered photography at a very young age and began by experimenting with alternative film processes and printing techniques. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Photography and she continued her fine art studies gaining experience in art history, graphic design, and conservation. She spent a year abroad documenting European life, architecture, and landscapes. She has showcased her photographs in galleries throughout Maryland and DC. She is inspired by love, delicious food, and adorable puppies!
Richie is a professional freelance photographer with fifteen years experience. He specialized in news, live performances, and professional sports photography for commercial and editorial clients. He is a staff photographer for The Maryland Independent and he contributes to several national magazines and websites. Richie has participated in numerous gallery shows and has extensive experience with artistic projects. He is happiest when he is behind the lens of a camera. He is a self-proclaimed film-nerd and an avid music enthusiast.

After working together on numerous projects, we chose to combine our passion for creativity and imagery and founded Love Charm Photo. With our images, we strive to capture the real emotions and spontaneity. We have to admit, we both have a heart for romance. We shoot unique and dramatic images to make the memories of your special occasions last a lifetime. We have the privilege to work with such amazing people who continuously inspire us. We consider it an honor to create images that preserve our clients’ story.

We are available to meet you in person in the MD/DC Metro areas and we are available for scheduled telephone consultations Monday through Saturday. Contact us today and schedule a free consultation!

We cannot wait to hear about your wedding!