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Who we are: Richie and Alie, a creative and passionate photo team! We capture real emotions, spontaneity, and record the events that unfold on your special day. We both have a heart for romance and will make the memories of your special day last a lifetime.

About Richie: Lead Photographer, thinks he is the boss. Professional freelance photographer with over fifteen years experience. He specializes in live performance, news, and professional sports photography, for commercial and editorial clients. He is the current Photo Editor at the Vinyl District and a former staff photographer for The Gazette newspaper group. He is a contributing photographer to Getty Images, Washington Post Newsweek Media, I.M.P concert promotion and production, and Live Nation.

About Alie: Lead Consultant, the REAL boss. Alie discovered photography at a very young age and began by experimenting with alternative film processes and printing techniques. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Photography and a Master’s Degree in Museum Studies focusing on Photographic Archives. She spent a year abroad documenting European life, architecture, and landscapes. She has showcased her photographs in galleries throughout Maryland and DC, and is currently working at Time Inc, with LIFE magazine in New York City.

We serve Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia, and New York City. Contact us today and schedule a free consultation! We cannot wait to hear about your wedding!